The Agave

After 7 to 9 years of maturation, the best agaves are carefully selected and prepared. A jimador removes the leaves and then they are prepared for the oven.

The Oven

Using wood, the stone oven is heated. This is where the agave is cooked and smoked for 3 to 5 days.

The milling

With the help of a mule or horse, the maguey is ground in the stone mill or "Tahoma".

The Fermentation

Finishing the grinding process, the "gabazo" is taken to the wooden vats. Here begins the natural fermentation. The alcohol begins to be released and the flavors and properties of each maguey are combined.

The Distillation

After 10 to 15 days of fermentation, the result is taken to the copper still. This is heated with firewood, the fermented maguey is introduced and distilled until a double distillation is obtained.

The Bottled

Finally, the mezcal is bottled and labeled so that it can be taken to consumers.

The result

This artisanal and traditional process, together with the mystical touch of the master mezcalero, gives us our mezcal as a result. Mezcal Nueva Tierra, a smooth mezcal on the palate, with sweet and smoky notes. A brand that seeks to offer a new experience of smells and flavors to consumers from the first moment. A mix for everyone. A tradition born from the earth.

Where to find us

(+52) 55 6079 6671
Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Ciudad de México, Mexico.